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It is possible to improve a golf course

and at the same time the club's finances
Reykjavik GC, Korpa, Hole 6

Present a more enjoyable course and strengthen the club's finances


Routing, obstacles, cutting lines, and roughs all have significance for round times and enjoyment of the game - the main reason why a club performs well or poorly


Everything on a golf course affects the overall impression. Cut lines and heights, position of hazards and surrounding nature are three important factors that needs to be as good as possible. We optimise the playing experience.

Quality of playing surfaces

The sacred “ball roll”! The task of the course staff: To cultivate the joy of playing (with the right tools for deep aeration, sand dressing, etc.)

Course Setup

Playing lengths, tee placement, and obstacles: don't lose older players, ladies and/or players with higher handicaps.

Sense of Place

Is it possible to get more out of this? So incredibly important for a club’s attractiveness and to attract players, guests as members.


We are seeing greater variations, more rain in a short time and intense drought. Prevent problems with proper drainage, increased deep aeration, sand dressing, changing the type of grass, etc.
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Who is Magnus Sunesson?

The game caught me at an early age. It’s me against the course. Planning a shot and then executing it exactly as I intended gives me immense satisfaction. Almost euphoria. The feeling when the ball hits the clubhead and the sound of ball impact and air travel is like poetry to me.

A round of golf is also a lot of walking. Moving from shot to shot. When that walk is in a magical environment, golf is hard to beat as an activity. When I also make sure to be kind to myself and coach myself in a good way during those walks, it becomes extra nice.


golf clubs

The number of clients that have hired me to improve their course and/or increase profitability.


golf holes

The number of golf holes I’ve helped to improve, redesign, or change since the start in 2014.



Increase in results for the clubs I’ve helped improve their course/reduce costs.
What my customers say
Gisli Hall, Chairman

Golfklúbbur Reykjavíkur, Iceland

"Magnus identified the characteristics of each of the three loops, how we can enhance them and improve the quality of each hole. He provided us with a masterplan solving issues as different skill levels, pace of play, lower maintenance, environmental considerations. Great work with Magnus, and we look forward to work with him in the future."

Stefan Leskinen, Club Manager

Lindesbergs Golfklubb

"Magnus' inspiring commitment, smart holistic thinking, attention to detail, and willingness to share his extensive golf knowledge have elevated our facility to a new level. I can't help but tip my cap! I can warmly recommend other golf clubs to seek help from Magnus."
Roland Stålbrand, Chairman of the Course Committee

Kävlinge GK

"We hired Magnus Sunesson at Kävlinge GK to help us improve our Master Plan, but also to be involved in subsequent change projects. Magnus is a person who works with great heart in what he does. His experience and knowledge were a great asset in the work that was done. I have only good things to say about the help we received and the result we obtained."
Björn Gibrand, CEO

Lydinge Golf & Resor

"Magnus' eyes have largely contributed to the fact that we are very proud of our course today."
Jon Sellén, Club Manager

Hudiksvalls GK

"Magnus has developed a master plan that has cost-effectively elevated our course to a new level. We now offer a better player experience at a lower operating cost. Magnus has helped us find what is significant for Hudiksvall: pine, heather, and stone!"
Patrik Brorsson, Club Manager

Söderåsens Golfklubb

“If you are thinking of changing, inventorying, or developing your course, I can do nothing but warmly recommend Magnus.”

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