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Full focus for more than three decades

My story

It all started 1964

With more than three decades of experience as a professional golfer, instructor, course worker, leader, course developer, and club director, I am one of the very few in Golf Sweden who can claim to possess a comprehensive competence in golf.

To say that I have a passionate love for golf is no exaggeration. My many years of experience as a TV commentator and from coaching, including the Swedish golf team, contribute to my ability to get my message across in an effective way.

"The feeling when the ball hits the clubhead and the sound of impact and ball flight is like poetry."
Magnus Sunesson
Curriculum Vitae

Employments and Experiences

I help golf Clubs optimize, develop, and quality assure their course/facility.

My background is a professional golfer for twelve years, seven of which were on the European Tour. Prior to that, I played in the Swedish amateur national team for three years. I have also been Head-Pro at the Royal Drottningholm Golf Club for four years, coach for the Swedish national teams and for Hello Sweden Future Team for several years where, among others, Peter Hansson and Henrik Stenson were included. Commentator on Viasat Golf for five years and CEO/club manager at Rya Golf Club 2012-2013. I have played many of the world’s best courses and with my own eyes seen what distinguishes a good hole from a mediocre one.

2014-          — Golf Consultant

Since August 2014, I have primarily worked as a golf consultant through my own company, Magnus Sunesson Natural Golf AB. In this role, I help golf clubs optimize their operations.

In most cases, it is the course that is developed, optimized, and quality assured. The course is adapted for all categories of golfers. Several customers want more fast-paced courses. Some want clearer and more defined holes. Everyone wants to reduce maintenance costs while at the same time getting a better quality of the playing surfaces.

I help the clubs with this and can boast 100% customer satisfaction. To date, forty clubs have hired me. On my website, among other things, there is a small booklet I have written about the development of golf courses.

2019--2019 — Greenkeeper at Rya GK

Greenkeeper at Rya GK

2017--2017 — Greenkeeper at Barsebäck

In order to further educate myself in course maintenance, I got to work with everything within course maintenance under the leadership of Bevan Tattersal during the summer of 2017. Barsebäck arranged the Scandinavian Masters and Team-SM where I had a responsible role regarding the cutting of the course during both competitions. Initiated and implemented new cutting lines on some holes on the Masters course. The holes became more defined and visually clearer to the delight of members and guests.

2012--2013 — CEO Rya Golf AB, Club Manager Rya Golfklubb
In April 2012, I assumed the above positions. I managed to accomplish a lot of positive things for the club over 1.5 years before I unfortunately fell ill. The organization was unfortunately not optimal. However, the organization I suggested now exists. I have lots of references from my short time at Rya that can verify all the positive things that happened at the club.
2007--2012 — Commentator Viasat Golf
I mainly commented on the game from the European Tour but also did some competitions on the PGA Tour in the USA, including the US Open. Between 18 to 24 competitions per year were commented on by me. Good commentary requires a lot of research and it was not uncommon with 15 hours of preparation for competitions I was not familiar with. I received a lot of praise for my way of commenting where I focused on the game itself mixed with humor and facts.
2009-2011 — Course Maintenance Vasatorps GK
The weeks I didn't comment on competitions, I had the opportunity to learn most of the basics of course maintenance from Bengt Börjesson (course manager Vasatorps Golf Club). I have done most of the tasks involved in the maintenance of a golf course and have gained a good overall view of what is required to maintain a golf course. Not just the course, I would like to add, Vasatorp is one of the largest facilities in Europe with 54 holes, large training area, large clubhouse and adjacent areas such as entrance, parking and clubhouse area. I greatly benefit from everything I learned at Vasatorp.
I tried a comeback as a player as I had gained some insights about myself and the game in my work as a coach and trainer. I won Skåne Open 2005 before all the youngsters, which I am still proud of.
1999--2004 — Coach Hello Sweden Future Team
Together with Tomas Kaiser (owner of Hello Sweden), I initiated this investment in newly professional players. The first team consisted of Henrik Stenson, Peter Hansson, Christian Nilsson, and Christian Pettersson. For the first three, it has gone quite well. I helped the players with all sorts of things and worked closely with the players' own trainers and was, among other things, their eyes out on competitions.
1995--2002 — Coach Swedish Golf Federation
Started by being the assistant captain for the boys’ national team in 1995. Then worked with most national teams during my eight years at the golf federation. During my last three years, I was responsible for a commitment to professional players with the goal of getting more men and women to the highest European level. Was part of the management group on the sports side under the leadership of Pia Nilsson and later Peter Mattsson.
1995--1998 — Head Pro Drottningholms GK
After my active playing career, I was employed as Head Pro at Drottningholm. I mainly handled the training of golf players but also worked closely with the club’s steward Benkt Svederman with the development of the club. Was among other things involved in developing a 10-year plan for the development of the course. Built up a good junior operation and contributed to a lesson-friendly environment among members and guests. My lesson book was essentially fully booked for four years.
1982--1994 — Professional Golfer
Started on the then SGT, Swedish Golf Tour, and won my first professional competition Maggi Cup at Söderåsens GK in 1984. Won a total of four SGT competitions. Got my license for the European Tour in 1986 and played there until 1994 with the exception of 1989 when I played in Sweden and won the entire Order of Merit. The best placement on ET is a few 4th places and a 12th place in the British Open in 1991. Represented Sweden in the Europcar Cup in 1986 and a match against Ireland, England and France on Martinique in 1988.

Assignments, education, etc.

Education & Courses
  • Two semesters 3-year economic line 1981
  • Empirical research from 1982 to the present day.
  • Communication and leadership. Educator Claes Ridell 1994
  • Presentation technique. Educator Claes Ridell 1994
  • STU course. Special Trainer Training. Educators SGF & PGA. 1995-1996
  • NLP Step 1. Neuro Linguistic Programming. Educators Truls Fleiner & Jorunn
  • Sjöbakken 1996
  • NLP Step 2. Communication and Change. Educators Fleiner & Sjöbakken. 1997
  • PGA´s training week 95, 96, 97, 98, 99, 2000, 2001 and 2004.
  • PGA South's training days on several occasions.
  • Crisis management. Educator National Sports Association. 2002
  • Influence of intuition. Educator Fredrik Praesto. 2002
  • Revenue Management. Educator Fredrik Örnrup. 2012
  • Started Magnus Sunesson Natural Golf AB 1991.
  • Member of the Swedish PGA. Professional Golfers Association.
  • Had Kjell Enhager as a personal coach for three years during my time as a player.
  • Author of the book Svensk Golfträning - Spelstrategi och Taktik. 2000 SISU Sports Books.
  • Author of the script and participation in Active Golf. Instructional DVD & CD-ROM. 03.
  • Radio commentator at Solheim Cup 2003.
  • Product developer for Stadium 2001-2004 when we developed the own golf brand 4D.
  • Responsible for Jesper Parnevik Golf Camps for three years.
  • National team player boy, junior and men before I became professional.
  • Represented Sweden in YJVM 1980, YJEM 1980, JEM 1981 and a Continental match in the Senior National Team 1982.
  • Have held about 50 lectures on various topics within golf over the years.
  • Recipient of the LISA medal twice. Landskrona's best athlete.
  • Swedish Champion in hickory golf 2015 and 2016
  • Hcp 0.5
  • Holds one of the Swedish Golf Association's highest awards, the Elite Badge.
Trust assignments
  • Board member of Golffrämjandet since 2013.
  • Board member of SGT AB. 1995-1996
  • Swedish
  • English
  • Danish

Some of my awards


Svensk Mästare i hickorygolf 2015 och 2016

SGFs Elitmärke

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