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I see every detail, and I bring out the ones that matter most.

Why Magnus Sunesson Golfkonsult?

Why do golf Clubs contact me?

As I have taken on more and more assignments and customers have told other interested Clubs who have contacted them about what I have done for them, the tasks have become more numerous for me to solve.

When I started the business in 2014, my main goals were to make the course (the hole) more fun for more people and aesthetically beautiful. Today, the tasks from the client vary a bit more.

Most Clubs need to save on expenses and increase revenue. Within that, there is a lot to do and I always deliver what the customer wants. How varies!

Other tasks I get from my clients include:

  • Savings in working hours and diesel - simply more efficient care
  • More varied holes
  • More player-friendly for the exerciser but tougher challenge for the elite

There are many solutions to this and not many understand how. I know how to do it!

More enjoyable course - golf should be fun

For many years, many course builders have built “monster courses”. Most people play such a course ONCE. I want players to enjoy golf, enjoy the surroundings and the company. You should not be forced to play shots you can’t handle. For example, not many older players can handle a carry of 110 meters over a pond!

Alternative playing routes to the green are an important factor so that players do not quit golf prematurely. When it gets too difficult, it’s not fun for most people!

What benefits can you expect?

You will primarily get an elevated and clarified “Sense of place”. The feeling that the place gives!

I always identify a landscape idea where the golf course is located and reinforce it! Not many really understand this either. Especially not how. It requires a trained and experienced eye and I have that after walking on golf courses for over 50 years. Of course, combined with a genuine interest in aesthetics and design of golf holes.

The round time usually decreases. Holes with queue formation are usually eliminated and most people get a better total economy.

Course development - optimize what already exists

Since early in my career, I have had a great interest in course design and today I mainly work with the development of golf courses. My philosophy is to develop, optimize and quality assure what already exists. In most cases, small adjustments and an optimization of the maintenance plan may be the only measures required for members and guests to be satisfied.

During my time as CEO/club manager at Rya Golf Club, I initiated and carried out a refinement of the golf course, by essentially just cutting the course in a different way. At the same time, the club saved several million when a planned reconstruction project was stopped. After one season, these small changes resulted in, among other things, an 8-page report in Golf Digest, which you can read in this Swedish article: Historien om nya Rya.

Provides advice on everything a club needs to consider to be competitive.
Inspection of all holes and a written report. But also an inspection of the entire facility, such as driving range, parking, clubhouse area, entrance, etc.
Optimization of cutting lines and cutting heights
Where the cutting lines go and which cutting heights meet each other has a great impact on how a hole is experienced and played. It is possible to make it both easier and harder and thus more or less time-consuming to maintain.


A Masterplan includes much more than just an inspection with a report.

Sketches/drawings of all holes with detailed descriptions. Text and image documents that explain all suggestions for improvement.

Course walk with club management, board and course staff where all suggestions are explained point by point. Of course, an optimization of cutting lines is also included, which I mark out with the help of a color sprayer.

When you order an inspection, you find out what the club can/should do, with a Masterplan you also find out exactly how to do it.

Golf lessons

A lesson with me is always preceded by an interview via email where I find out “important things” before we meet. After the lesson, you get written feedback to take home so you know what and how you need to do to achieve what you want.

All lessons are given from grass, unless it’s really bad weather.

The first lesson is always at least 50 minutes and is preferably given at Glumslövs Golf’s Toptracer range.

25 minutes


50 minutes


Playing lesson


9 holes incl. greenfee

Swing Club

SwingClub helps you in several ways. Above all, it teaches you to clearly experience the club head. I usually make my students aware of the weight at the end of the shaft, i.e., the club head.

It is the club head that we are going to swing and speed up in the golf swing. Unfortunately, this is forgotten by many. Many people exert a lot of effort but do not get the energy (or the speed they could get) in the club head.

Training with SwingClub also leads to you synchronizing (timing) the body’s movements where the arms and body interact better.



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