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Högbo GK

Task: Create an interesting and challenging course for as many different categories of golfers as possible based on the existing course layout.

"We feel that today our course is not challenging enough for better golfers, yet we don't want to make it too difficult for players with a high handicap. We would also like to review our range and make it more enjoyable for practice. Our main idea is not to "rebuild" golf holes but to see what we can do with existing holes in terms of mowing lines, run-off areas, tree thinning, more bunkers, and especially bunkers in the right places, rough cutting, and mowing heights, and more."

 – Calle Sandegård, Club Manager


A very small part of the Masterplan is shown below.

  • I was impressed by the playing areas you presented during my visit on 22-23/9. The food in the restaurant was also top-notch. Treat the chef well.
  • The course's and clubhouse area's "sense of place" can be significantly developed and enhanced. Aesthetic values mean a lot for the overall experience, and there are significant development opportunities that will make an enormous positive difference. More about this in the attached image document.
  • Several holes are perceived as undefined, primarily due to too straight mowing lines. Perhaps the 35mm rough should also be raised a few mm. We will know after the course walk.
  • Many bunkers obstruct most average golfers and are not in play for the elite, which should be the other way around.
  • Too many trees obstruct play, narrow playing corridors, and hinder desirable views. For example, Jädraån is a strength here. Unfortunately, it is visible and in play on too few holes.
  • Instead of being monotonous and repetitive regarding the mowing, where they look almost identical hole by hole, your green areas can evolve into varying identities that make them more interesting and beautiful while becoming tougher for the elite and friendlier for the average golfer. The holes will appear more diverse, and that's crucial for the overall impression.
  • Queue problems on holes 6, 10, and 11 should decrease if not eliminated entirely. Round times should also decrease by about 15-20 minutes. Is there really no queue on the 17th? One of the toughest par 4 holes in the world.
  • Diesel costs will decrease, and many hours will be freed up for course staff to focus on quality-enhancing measures instead of unnecessary mowing.
  • The course's strengths need to be reinforced, and weaknesses reduced. This will make the overall experience positively perceived by many more, from all categories of players.

The recipe for how we collectively achieve your goals follows below. The text below should be read in conjunction with your study of the hole sketches.

Hole 8

Jädraån wasn't visible at all until we cleared some trees. Now it's within the players' view throughout the hole. The fairway also "moved" to the left to get closer to the river. Still approximately 7 meters of semi-rough from the fairway to the river.

 Högbo hole 8 before

Högbo hole 8 - before changes

 Högbo hole 8 after

Högbo hole 8 - after changes

The Masterplan contained three different documents totaling just over thirty pages and hole sketches.

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