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Mission: Improve the playing experience, review safety aspects, refine the nature experience, shorten the round time, bunker inventory (which ones should we keep and which ones should be replaced)



A small excerpt from the Masterplan:

Hole 17. A nice hole with a magical environment around the entire tee area. Becomes a little more playable for players with a low ball trajectory. New 47 tee at 105 m may be worth the investment. What do the ladies think about the length of the hole?

Hole 18. A difficult but beautiful finishing hole. The hole becomes visually even clearer and the green area a little more varied. Here too, the bridge was discussed. The same as on hole 14 you should have here too. Added during course walk: Expand fairway after the stream

Summary: As you hopefully noticed, no major investments are required to lift the course a few notches and at the same time make it more adapted for all player categories.

The recreational player often “hates” bunkers, the elite player likes them. However, when an elite player is faced with choices, the psychological part of the game increases. Doubt can arise. A recreational player is happy to putt the ball in from foregreen and an elite player usually chooses the shot that can come closest to the hole. There can be several clubs to choose from.

The course also becomes more beautiful and easier to maintain while the round time should decrease by at least 15 minutes.

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